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This week Marks our 11yr Anniversary! We are celebrating big with these specials throughout the week! 1.*December 1st Incredibles BOGO 10% of f (limit one per customer) & Flo Vapes and Syringes Buy 2 get 1 for a penny! 2.*December 2nd O-Pen Vape Buy 2 get 1 for a Penny & Robhots 1000mg Gummies Buy 2 get 1 for a penny! 3.*December 3rd Keef Cola Buy 1 get one for a Penny (limit 3 at the discount) 4.*December 4th Wana Gummies Buy 1 get 1 50% off & Eureka Vapes, and Cones Buy 2 get one for a Penny! 5.* December 5th Canyon Cultivation Buy2 get 1 for a Penny, & Stratos 25% off. ****We will also have Wana on sale the week of December 21-26 Buy 2 get 1 for a penny for Christmas, and for New Years Buy a 5:1 Wana Gummy get 50% off any other Wana product!***


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